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The Croft - 100% Shetland Tweed Aran

We are proud to present 'The Croft - Shetland Colours' produced from 100% Shetland Island Wool.

We had long awaited the opportunity to work with Shetland Island Wool, a fibre celebrated for its fineness, warmth and strength. We were delighted to be given the chance by Jamieson & Smith of Shetland to use this fantastic fleece.

In 2017 we launched ‘The Croft Shetland Tweed’, created using our state of the art dyeing machinery and techniques. The unique tweed effect was the result of our desire to be different and produce a yarn worthy of such a prestigious fibre. The collection, both yarn & design exceeded all expectations and the demand for a solid range of colours thrived.

We listened to customer feedback and started developing a palette that would complement the range. Selecting key colours from the sophisticated hues of the tweed and balancing them with classic tones. The result - 12 distinctive Shetland Colours that represent the rich heritage of the Shetland Island

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WYS Croft Aran

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WYS Croft R Sullom, WYS Croft R Seafield, WYS Croft R Tresta, WYS Croft R Belmont, WYS Croft R Bixter, WYS Croft R Fetlar, WYS Croft R Laxfirth, WYS Croft R Lerwick, WYS Croft R Melby, WYS Croft R Norwick, WYS Croft R Ollaberry, WYS Croft R Voxter