KnitPro Symfonie Double Pointed Needles

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Available in 10cm, 15cm & 20cm lengths.
Packs of 6 needles from 2.00mm - 3.25mm.
Packs of 5 needles from 3.50mm upwards.

Extremely Attractive Colour Combination/Pattern
Unmatched Strength – not available in any other wooden needle
Lightweight, yet exceptionally strong & durable
Perfect points, flawlessly tapered – ideal for all yarns and every project
Polished wood surface works effortlessly with every type of yarn
Warm to the touch, and gentle in the hand

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KnitPro Symfonie Double Pointed Needles

Symfonie 10cm DPN 2.00mm, Symfonie 10cm DPN 2.25mm, Symfonie 10cm DPN 2.50mm, Symfonie 10cm DPN 2.75mm, Symfonie 10cm DPN 3.00mm, Symfonie 10cm DPN 3.25mm, Symfonie 10cm DPN 3.50mm, Symfonie 10cm DPN 4.00mm, Symfonie 15cm DPN 2.00mm, Symfonie 15cm DPN 2.25mm, Symfonie 15cm DPN 2.50mm, Symfonie 15cm DPN 2.75mm, Symfonie 15cm DPN 3.00mm, Symfonie 15cm DPN 3.25mm, Symfonie 15cm DPN 3.50mm, Symfonie 15cm DPN 3.75mm, Symfonie 15cm DPN 4.00mm, Symfonie 15cm DPN 4.50mm, Symfonie 15cm DPN 5.00mm, Symfonie 15cm DPN 5.50mm, Symfonie 15cm DPN 6.00mm, Symfonie 15cm DPN 6.50mm, Symfonie 15cm DPN 7.00mm, Symfonie 15cm DPN 8.00mm, Symfonie 20cm DPN 2.50mm, Symfonie 20cm DPN 2.75mm, Symfonie 20cm DPN 3.00mm, Symfonie 20cm DPN 3.25mm, Symfonie 20cm DPN 3.50mm, Symfonie 20cm DPN 3.75mm, Symfonie 20cm DPN 4.00mm, Symfonie 20cm DPN 4.50mm, Symfonie 20cm DPN 5.00mm, Symfonie 20cm DPN 5.50mm, Symfonie 20cm DPN 6.00mm, Symfonie 20cm DPN 6.50mm, Symfonie 20cm DPN 7.00mm, Symfonie 20cm DPN 8.00mm


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