KnitPro Basix Birch Single Pointed Needles


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KnitPro Basix Birch Single Point Knitting Needles

Basix 25cm SPN 3.00mm, Basix 25cm SPN 3.25mm, Basix 25cm SPN 3.50mm, Basix 25cm SPN 3.75mm, Basix 25cm SPN 4.00mm, Basix 30cm SPN 3.00mm, Basix 30cm SPN 3.25mm, Basix 30cm SPN 3.50mm, Basix 30cm SPN 3.75mm, Basix 30cm SPN 4.00mm, Basix 35cm SPN 3.00mm, Basix 35cm SPN 3.25mm, Basix 35cm SPN 3.50mm, Basix 35cm SPN 3.75mm, Basix 35cm SPN 4.00mm, Basix 40cm SPN 3.00mm, Basix 40cm SPN 3.25mm, Basix 40cm SPN 3.50mm, Basix 40cm SPN 3.75mm, Basix 40cm SPN 4.00mm


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