Powder Pink 210

Durable Teddy – This cuddly yarn is super soft and ideal for making soft toys and children’s clothing. It is a downy and voluminous yarn, great for working up large projects quickly. Durable Teddy comes in a wide range of uni colors, making it easy to find your favorite color. Use it to make a wonderfully snuggly cardigan or a deliciously thick scarf.
Weight 50 gram
Length 65 meter
Composition 100% Polyamide
Needle size 5-6 mm
Yarn Weight Bulky
Tension square 10x10cm (S) 14 stitches
Tension square 10x10cm (R) 22 rows
Sweater size 40
Balls per sweater 12
Washing Machine washable 30 ºC
Bleaching No
Tumble dryer Do not tumble dry
Dry flat Yes
Ironing Do not iron

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