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Kimberley Mort


Once again, we have had the great fun of asking our Top Ten Crochet Questions of one of our amazing Community Spotlight crafters. Kimberley Mort makes the most beautiful handmade creations that she puts such passion and creativity into. We couldn’t resist asking her all about her passion for crochet and knitting and what her inspiration is. Here we go…



How long have you been knitting and crocheting and why do you like it?

I can remember playing with wool from a very young age – mostly other people’s wool! My granny and cousins always had a

yarn shop newtownabbey belfast

Hats & Headbands by Kimberley

big stash! I actually learnt how to crochet first, making multicoloured blankets and decorative items like hearts and flowers to sew on to them. Knitting is a more recent venture for me and I am really enjoying it. I absolutely love wearing hats and headbands and with lockdown closing most of my favourite shops, I decided to start making my own! I love picking different colours and textures of wool to use and generally find the whole process very satisfying and therapeutic!

What inspired you to start your Etsy shop?

I started making a lot of hats and headbands for friends and family. I enjoyed taking custom orders and having the chance to keep making…you can only have so many hats in your house! In 2020 I started selling in The Vintage Time Travellers in Whitehead alongside some other talented makers. Etsy was the next big step to reach more people who like to keep their ears warm!

What is your idea of the perfect day?

My idea of a perfect day is waking up, having some hot chocolate and starting in to a new colourful project!

yarn shop newtownabbey belfast

Kimberley’s cat Gatsby

Who taught you to knit?

My granny, aunt and cousins have always been the main knitters of the family. They were always trying to teach me since I was very young. I always found it slow and frustrating – I just wanted the final product to magically appear! But in my late teens I finally got some patience and learnt how to crochet as well. That was definitely the beginning of my wool obsession!

What advice would you give beginners?

The advice I would give is ‘be patient’ and start with a really small project or really chunky wool! That way you can experience the satisfaction of seeing the project through and be proud of your achievement!

What is your favourite thing about the Yarn Patch?

When I first visited The Yarn Patch I was blown away by the setting and when I got inside I couldn’t believe my eyes – I had

Kimberley’s gorgeous crafts

never seen so much wool! There is an amazing selection for all sorts of projects and the staff are really friendly and super helpful. They are genuinely interested in what you are making and to be honest I didn’t want to leave! I think my husband was waiting in the car for about 40 minutes!

What project are you currently working on?

I am currently obsessed with headbands and hats and have been making colourful collections for Etsy. I make adult sizes, kids sizes and baby sizes. I wear hats all year round in our lovely Northern Irish weather. Even when the sun is out!

Of your gorgeous products, which is the most popular with customers?

I have had a lot of lovely feedback about my baby hats. I make them in all sorts of colours and designs. My hats with oversized pompoms and turban style gathered fronts have been very popular. I love seeing all the photos of the hats being worn. Lots of very cute and stylish babies!

yarn shop newtownabbey belfast

Hats & Headbands


Your idea of the perfect place to crochet?

I can happily knit or crochet anywhere where there is a good seat, good lighting, chocolate and/or wine and lots of wool! I always take my knitting and crochet projects with me anywhere I go. I Iike to know it is there if I want to be creative or unwind!



Surprise us with a random fact about yourself?

A random fact about me is that I am in a band called ‘Bobsled Team’. We have been played on BBC Radio Ulster and have an album coming out on vinyl in May! If we ever go on tour my wool will be coming with me!

You can find out more about Kimberley’s products by visiting her Facebook, Instagram or Etsy shop.